standford harmonics part deux

posted 11/28/2001 21:00:00 by matt flesch-kincaid: 69, grade level: 7 commentscomments(0) linklink
well here we go again, the coolest thing on the internet since all your base...

news flash: many morris county residents retarted

posted 11/18/2001 22:00:00 by matt flesch-kincaid: 56, grade level: 5 commentscomments(0) linklink
the daily record had an article about the stupid people who live around delbarton creating a

screw bibliographys

posted 11/18/2001 19:24:00 by matt flesch-kincaid: 60, grade level: 8 commentscomments(0) linklink
have this easy site do your bibliography for you. mla form only

that crazy tourist guy

posted 11/09/2001 16:52:00 by matt flesch-kincaid: 87, grade level: 3 commentscomments(0) linklink
that crazy tourist guy is up to it again, kind of like "all your base belong to us", eh? eh?