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here it is, as defined previously....ah forget it just go read penny-arcade...

rss feed

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so i've added an rss feed from the site, it's available from the rss link in the left navigation column.

of dogs and witches...

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funny penny-arcade for today. maybe i should find a way to shorten this since i type it all the time. fpaft or something...

might as well play kick the kidney if we're gonna waste it

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there is an inmate in oregon, who actually had the prison considering whether he should qualify for a kidney transplant. here's the catch, he's on death row. if we start giving death row inmates organs and then killing them i'm moving to uzbeckistan, where they've got the commual food lines down to 36 hours. not to mention that the state shouldn't be paying 120,000 a year for this guys dialysis. he's in prison, which means, he was convicted of a crime, they can't kill him yet because he gets appeals, but the state has no burden to keep him alive for those appeals, they just can't kill him. they can let him die, they just can't kill him, no questions asked. cut off his dialysis and certainly don't give him new organs, if he hadn't committed a crime he'd be dead by now cause he wouldn't have had the dialysis. do us all a favor and pull the plug.

where the ladies at...adventures in western pa

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so i went to the santana concert sunday night out in pittsburgh. sitting next to me was intoxicated man who kept yelling "where the ladies at?" just for clairification, i really think his drunkeness was truncating his message. he was really trying to say "where the ladies at...who are looking for a man who's bac is higher than his iq, who has less teeth than his 13 month old son, who's education consisted of his pappy taking him out to the woods and showing him how to trap skunks. so if you've got no legs or just can't run fast enough to get away from me, then you fit my requirements and drop on by. i'm the guy next to the pile of beer bottles." i don't know why he didn't just say that.

when dreams come true....or fun with photoshop

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here is the kind of thing that gets me through each day.

we have a winner

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yes that's right, there is someone who fez is cooler then...but before you sigh too loudly, if this guy gets a wife, he will surely surpass fez, but i wouldn't bet on that.

reasons to dislike apple

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penny-arcade gives us this guy and you don't want to be like him....or do you? (fez don't answer, you'll only remove all doubt)

back again

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so the site's back up again. if you're reading this, sign up for an account and post a comment or something. post good ideas for stuff to link to, stuff you'd like to see, things we can make fun of fez about, you know the usual stuff.

not quite the media coverage you would hope for...

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penny-arcade does hopkins, not johns hopkins though, "john hopkins" where ever that is...