greatest bathtoy ever...

posted 02/25/2004 07:37:00 by matt flesch-kincaid: 74, grade level: 6 commentscomments(0) linklink
this is by far the coolest thing i have ever seen. you should get one of these when you're born, so that by the time you stop taking baths you and mr. t are "tight" just like everyone and mr. t should be. i can't think of a better person to combine with a duck and put in my bathtub, except maybe snoop dogg, who lets me combine my west coast style with my east coast sensibilities, or maybe moses, which is just weird. btw, mr. t's real name is Lawrence Tureaud, i would have changed it too...

your life may suck...

posted 02/12/2004 02:01:00 by matt flesch-kincaid: 46, grade level: 11 commentscomments(0) linklink
but you're still not that bad off, because you're not a) barbie and ken's "business manager" or b) anyone associated with news orginizations in any way shape or form. a) cnn reports that barbie and ken are breaking up, now that might not seem so bad, but russell arons their "business manager" repeatedly refers to the dolls like they are actual people. "Arons hinted Wednesday that the separation may be partially due to Ken's reluctance to getting married." somebody needs to get their head examined...with a bat. b) two cnn headline stories today are that one and one about hilliary clinton being named to a "tough guys" list. you should forget about the war, primaries, and mars, because cnn sure has.

the sweet sound of silence...just 99 cents

posted 02/05/2004 04:58:00 by matt flesch-kincaid: 50, grade level: 11 commentscomments(0) linklink
itunes apparently has several tracks available for download that are nothing but silence. now for the fun part, not only do the tracks cost the regular 99 cents, but they even have the free previews associated with them. it'd be fun to know how many of these have sold. there's some funny quotes like "For those looking for the best value, Schaeffer offers nearly two minutes of silence, almost twice as much as any of the other tracks."