election 2004

posted 07/29/2004 00:10:57 by matt flesch-kincaid: 84, grade level: 1 commentscomments(0) linklink
the way i see it there's two choices really, it's either:
or the dirty white boy:
no no no, not that dirty white boy, this dirty white boy:

politics update...

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so we've got a 12 year old boy, er um....girl, or is it, no i guess it's a girl, yes the article calls her a girl
...who spoke at the DNC, telling Cheney that he should be put in time out for swearing. if i knew any idiot could make a speach i would have signed up. other highlights include sen. graham challenging kucinich by saying "hey you wanna go?"
to which kucinich replied "any time, anywhere motherf*cker!"
and a riot was only narrowly averted when al sharpton reminded all the delegates to bow before him in his ultimate power
also a town in colorado elected a donkey mayor, and what's even better, he was the incumbient...all other cities can cease trying to woo me, i've decided where i am to spend the remander of my days...

100% of your daily dose of irony

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TULSA - Blake Champlin, a Tulsa lawyer and environmental activist, died Monday at his home when a tree supporting a hammock fell and crushed him. if finding this funny is wrong, i don't wanna be right.

oh man, this is just priceless

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they say a picture is worth a thousand words

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so here is 1000 words to serve as further evidence that the post is an upstanding publisher of all that is good and true:
and then there's gmail invites (this is only funny if you're a geek, and therefore understand that i sent a gmail invite to his gmail account):

movie industry's pain...

posted 07/06/2004 22:36:51 by matt flesch-kincaid: 46, grade level: 11 commentscomments(0) linklink
so the movie industry illustrated the horrible impact that file sharing networks have had on the industry. by announcing that they broke the 1 billion dollar mark for the first time ever in june, the debilitating affects of file sharing should be plainly evident. topping out at $1.03 billion, up 14% from june 2003, i'd like to see what they use to justify attacking file sharers now, cause they're reduced sales argument just went down the toilet.