found this awhile ago but never remembered to post it

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this says something about how far we as a society have fallen...

just awesome...

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just read it nothing i say can match this.

get off my tv you douchebag...

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when i turn on fox at 9pm on a sunday night i do not ever under any circumstances see this douchbag
he is not my president, he wasn't my fault either time, and i think that we all know who would make a better president...
that's right, you've all been thinking it, i actually said it.

they don't even pretend to not be killing off freedom of the press

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"After The New York Times reported, and CNN confirmed, a claim that Bush gave the National Security Agency license to eavesdrop on Americans communicating with people overseas, the president said that his actions were permissible, but that leaking the revelation to the media was illegal." other things likely to become illegal and a threat to national security, democracy, freedom of speech, abortion, not being a religious fanatic, evolution, the phrase "happy holidays", non-white anglosaxon protestants, and people who are mean to poor little georgy bush.

changing the way a component displays in a framework

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so i know googling for answers to my problems in people's blogs has helped me in the past so i figured why not... i ran into a problem where i need to display a form object in my framework with each element in the form either wrapped in table rows or in divs, etc. so I think the best solution is to add a reference to a display class to the form class. rather than calling the form classes own display method it would call the display class's display method. the benefit to this would be you could change the display object between calls to display and it would display differently. the other benefit is i can have the constructor for the form object set the display object to itself ($this in php) and it'll handle the default case. then if i need to change the way something is going to display i can just set ($form->displayObject) to an object that has the display method I want to use. I guess the only complicating factor is my display object will have to have a link back to my form object so it can get at the data for the form, but that's manageable.

a little piece of delbarton history...

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2005 Topps Chrome Refractor Autograph of Wes Swackhamer
Unfortunately the auction is already closed, but come on, you know you want one. You want to be like "I went to highschool with that kid, and I remember when he got caught driving drunk with two other kids who weren't as good at sports as he was so they got kicked out"

i always knew that guy was up to no good...

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from flats: ronald mcdonald robs a wendy's. oh boston, how i'd love to hear you say "wicked" and pronounce his name as rahnald machdanald while covering this story.