oh sweet irony

posted 12/25/2006 13:23:48 by matt flesch-kincaid: 37, grade level: 16 commentscomments(0) linklink
when trying to get to the microsoft msdn reference the other day i was greated with this gem:
you know your operating system is too complicated to configure when your own engineers can't get it set up and keep it running correctly. of course ms is entiled to have issues with their site, but when they don't even have the error page configured correctly, that's just too humorous.

video of the net neutrality commercial

posted 12/16/2006 16:46:07 by matt flesch-kincaid: 35, grade level: 16 commentscomments(0) linklink
someone has posted a video of the commercial i mentioned a while back that is full of outright lies about net neutrality, and is paid for by internet providers. the bill recently died as the 109th Congress ended, so senator teddy stevens crazy bill that cuts against everything the internet stands for is no more. maybe destroying net neutrality would be good for the internet if it was a series of tubes, but since we all know it's a dump truck, preserving net neutrality is exceptionally important. find out how to help save the internet

technology designed to make your life easier, from lexus

posted 12/07/2006 08:48:05 by matt flesch-kincaid: 76, grade level: 6 commentscomments(0) linklink
watch as a lexus tries to park itself. this is seriously one of the funniest things i've ever seen. between the guys in the video and the fact that the car tries to park itself on top of the minivan in the next spot, it's just awesome.