microsoft plans to defeat google, by building crazy flash crap?

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ali sent me this, i don't know what dancing and singing sushi chefs have to do with searching the internet, maybe the japanese on the page explains it better. prepare to be confused and entertained:

new design and hating ie

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so i have wanted to redesign the layout for a while, and i finally got some time to do it. in doing so i found 4 reasons to be reminded why i hate ie:
1. if you're reading in ie the whole page is left aligned instead of centered. i've fixed this in the past, but really i don't care any more. ie users: if you want the things to look right when browsing the web get firefox
2. it doesn't display things correctly without extra un-necessary code because ms refused to implement w3c standards. ie displays this:
instead of this:

3. more standards support, or lack there of, but i don't think any amount of extra code will save this:
instead of this:

4. sometimes ie is just on crack, plain and simple:
in case you couldn't guess, there shouldn't be a second "udios" randomly injected at the bottom of the page, on it's own line. go ahead, check the source, there's nothing there to make ie do this. so if you're reading this in ie, do yourself and every person who's ever put up a web site a favor and go download firefox. your computer will thank you, web designers will thank you, microsoft won't thank you, spyware, malware, and virus writers definitely won't thank you, but most importantly after about 10 seconds, you'll thank yourself.

two things that aren't wrong with myspace

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1. changing john mccain's stance on gay marriage because his staff is dumb enough to steal your images
2. aqua teen hunger force's carl has a myspace page this itself is great for several reasons: 1. the user name for the "official" carl myspace page linked to from the official aqua teen website is "therealcarl2" 2. it takes horrendous myspace background text color combos to a whole new level 3. i must assume that it is targeted at mocking myspace and everyone who uses it, especially those with unreadable pages, and i love the fact that the aqua teen guys are willing to rip on a possibly sizable portion of their fan base so openly 4. maybe the bush administration will declare that carl's myspace page emboldens the the mooninite terrorists.

an early april fools from nj transit

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when i went to check when the train was running to get back into nyc from nj i noticed this odd paradox:
i think my personal favorite is the weekday april 1st, but that's just me.

christ, what an asshole, indeed.

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it's scary how well that caption works for so many new yorker comics

bill gates and steve jobs duke it out

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I'm not sure which is better the light-saber battle or the Commodore-64 talking about porn.

color changing shower tiles

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these color changing tiles from moving color are very cool

hurray for boston

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thanks to mr. ali for the link