maybe his e-file tax return is just stuck in a clogged tube somewhere...

posted 07/31/2007 08:58:27 by matt flesch-kincaid: 62, grade level: 11 commentscomments(0) linklink
or maybe he was wrong and it fell out of the back of the dump truck that is the internet, too bad ARPANet's inventors didn't invest in a tarp. in either case ted, you had to know that backing a 300 million dollar bridge to an island with 30 people on it would lead to this eventually....

it's really poor taste to joke about something as serious as this

posted 07/23/2007 19:22:31 by matt flesch-kincaid: -93, grade level: 27 commentscomments(0) linklink
dear god i hope this never really happens...
thanks for scaring me mr. ali

maybe he can get decepticon coverage from allstate

posted 07/18/2007 23:30:52 by matt flesch-kincaid: 41, grade level: 12 commentscomments(0) linklink
"a letter to optimus prime from his geico auto insurance agent" is one of the funniest things i've read in a long time.


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in the economist they detail the gas usage of the US vs. the rest of the world. in 2003 we used more gas than the next 20 countries combined.
what can i say, we love gas. personally i like to go buy a gallon each day, and just pour it on the ground. sometimes i throw it up in the air and run through like a sprinkler, but mostly i just water trees and flowers with it.