Politics and maps make me laugh

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Maybe this could have been the New Yorker cover for a Stewart/Colbert ticket

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Oh FCC you never fail to amaze me

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Fast Company's article "Seth MacFarlane’s $2 Billion Family Guy Empire" highlights some interesting subtleties in the FCC rules for indecency:
...Jesus is a recurring character, because FCC rules stipulate you cannot use "Jesus Christ" as an exclamation unless the deity himself is present...
Aside from being out right funny, it explains a couple times where Peter has said things like "Jesus Christ" and then after a pause the camera angle has turned and Jesus has been in the scene.

They're only Economists, what do they know about .... the Economy?

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McCain, Palin 08: A vote for us is a vote for lies, corruption, and the general downfall of America

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Keating Economics: John McCain & The Making of a Financial Crisis discusses John McCain's "experience" with enabling big business to rip off the American people. Personally that's not the kind of "experience" I'm looking for in the next President. Make-Believe Maverick is a Rolling Stone piece looking at the public history of McCain, which never seems to be brought up by the "liberal left wing" hate mongering media. Maybe it keeps getting stuck in the "mainstream media filter" Palin always talks about. I wonder if that filter has anything to do with the Tubes?