Hey Microsoft, want to know why XP is better than Vista?

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Between Features Removed from Windows Vista and Criticism of Windows Vista you've got a pretty good start. Also, Vista has more criticism than God has Wikipedia content. Oh and you may want to hire MacGyver, he's solved a lot of problems in the past

Take 1 New Yorker cover, wash away the satire and you are left with....

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Pure, unadulterated, comic genius....

PS: Try as I might to link to my source they make it absurdly difficult, so here's the best I can do.

The iTunes massacre

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WTF iTunes? Hannibal with no cigar? Why not just make B.A. white while you're at it?

Matt 1, Traffic Violations Bureau 0, Asshat Cop -1

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So here's how my visit to court went:
Cop: On Jan. 18th, 2008 at approximately 2:12pm, I was standing on the NE corner of 7th Ave and W 31st St. I observed.... (btw he pulled me over using a car so I guess he runs pretty fast to get in his car)
Cop: I don't have the direction he was traveling written down
Judge: You don't have the direction of travel?
Cop: No, I didn't write down the direction he was traveling.
Judge: So you cannot testify to these offenses?
Cop: No, I cannot.
Judge picks up his not guilty stamp...
Cop to Me: Wear your seat belt.
Me to Cop: I was, SIR.(if you know me you know the disdain that was in my tone while saying this)
Cop to Me: Oh were you? (winks and smiles at me)
Judge: You don't have to make his case for him.
Judge: Step to the side to get your receipt.
Me to Judge: Thank you.

To recap:
Total hours of research I did before court: 6-8
# of Printed pages I took up to the bench: ~20
Total words said by me: 3
Total words said by me that had anything to do with defending myself against the tickets: 0
Total % of my "testimony" on official New York State court transcripts of me being an ass to the jackass cop who pulled me over for no reason and then lied and gave me a ticket for not wearing my seat belt when I was wearing my seat belt: 100%
Not guilty verdicts: 2
Complaints with Internal Affairs filled by me against the Cop: 1 (2 if you count that I sent it by Email and Mail)
Approximate % of words used in my "testimony" compared to my complaint: 3/779 = 0.385%

The Daily News and New York Post are in fact, Tabloids, and might I add, Trash

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Finally the mainstream media realizes what we've all known for a long time:

So of 14 Tabloid covers in the Sports Illustrated gallery "A-Rod Strikes Out in Tabloids", 8 are of the Daily News and 6 from the New York Post. Take that National Enquirer! While the fact they cover this at all much less on the front page would clue in most of the world, for some reason people still read them.... Maybe it's cause it's an easy way to avoid eye contact with the guy on the subway who thinks he's an alien.