30 percent of American adults think George Bush is a good President, but apparently they're the smart ones

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"Among American adults who believe in Creationism or Intelligent Design, 14.6 percent believe the Bible was originally written in English."

New Rules, Free Levi

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Bill Maher tells Levi that as America's number one political prisoner he can use the freelevi.org domain to raise funds to get out of Wasilla. I'm still laughing at "you'll end up losing it or shooting it" and "young "Trink" or "Truck" or "Puck" or whatever f*cked up redneck name they give him."

In case of emergency, Geraldo Rivera's mustache is a FAA approved floatation device

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It's times like this that I start to think there just may be some sort of cosmic entity pulling strings behind the scenes... and it likes to demonstrate it has a wickedly ironic sense of humor...

Google Maps walking directions get less ghetto

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Glad they clarified it was about the sidewalks and not about the mugging or certain death.

I thought I had too much free time...

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My complaint to the FCC after prompting from the Parents Television Council. They wanted me to complain about the Today show because they aired a s**t without the bleep. Don't get me wrong, I hate Matt Lauer as much as the next guy, ;) and the Today show has nothing on the CBS Early Show, but come on seriously?

"This is a formal COMPLAINT against everyone else who's submitting you this copy/pasted complaint. These people need to stop trying to control what everyone else is allowed to see on TV and start controlling what they let their own kids watch. Maybe if their kids weren't home schooled they would have been on a bus to school when this horrible word was aired. Maybe kids shouldn't watch the Today show and should be watching cartoons instead. Maybe they should realize their kid has probably heard them say "bad" words more than they've heard them on TV. Either way ignore these idiots, they represent an extremely small, extremely niche, extremely vocal minority. They need to stop worrying about everyone else's lives and start worrying about their own."

"Documentation of the perfectly acceptable material is provided below. Should they have bleeped it? Yes, does every kid already know exactly what someone said when the hear s**t on TV? Yes."