Something tells me that Bush wouldn't be able to tell you who was on first either

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Somehow I feel like this is less a spoof of Abbott and Costello's "Who's on first?" and more a regular occurrence in the Bush White House

"Kofi Annan?"
"No, thanks. And Condi, call me George. Stop with that ebonics crap."

Yes, someone must have actually done this before

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So I get to the front door of my apartment building and notice a sign hanging up about work being done, not unusual, but it says:
Due to plumbing work there will be no hot/cold water from ...
So far nothing out of the ordinary and then we get to the fun part
Please make sure that all faucets are in the closed position to avoid any flooding when the water is turned back on.
What? Seriously?!? Do you understand what got that second paragraph to show up on the sign? Someone, maybe not in my building, but in some building managed by the same company, somewhere, had to have caused a flood. Someone, somewhere left their sink or their tub or their shower or whatever on, despite the fact there was no water coming out and then left their apartment, took a nap, whatever. And as a result of this, they flooded their apartment and/or other apartments when the water was turned back on.
This is the kind of warning that no one thinks to give until someone has proven themselves stupid enough to require the extra heads up. Being in a position where I've had to give these types of technology related warnings all the time, it cracks me up to see them manifesting themselves in the physical world as well.