so here's my wednesday...

posted 04/12/2004 11:23:00 by matt flesch-kincaid: 62, grade level: 10 commentscomments(0) linklink
so last sunday, there's a car accident in front of my apartment that knocks down two light poles. parts of one of these light poles end up scattered all across the street, including in front of my apartment.
so last wednesday around 1pm i leave my apartment and notice on the curb the transformer from the light post, a small metal box with wires running in and out of it. as i get across the street i think to myself, "if i didn't know that was a transformer, i might think it was a bomb." so later that night, claire and i leave my apartment, and there's cops everywhere, with the street closed, police taped off, cars being detoured, etc. a cop comes over to us and says we can't be here, "the area is closed off." so we walk around and stand and watch as the bomb squad truck drives off. so the next day in the paper, that article is there, and i go, holy shit, that was totally the box i saw.


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