why i hate the yankees (a delightful read - the new york times)

posted 09/12/2004 19:23:08 by matt flesch-kincaid: 53, grade level: 12 commentscomments(0) linklink
so it's one thing to throw $182 million dollars at the world series (they pay a-rod just slightly less than the entire team of milwauke, actually if you take out one player from milwauke the team salary is right around a-rod's) but then to try and play dirty pool and use bush league antics to further improve your position is just obscene. first the yankees demand that tampa bay be forced to forfeit because they choose to be close to their families during A HURRICANE. "i heard sound bites from the yankees, including gm brian cashman, who said that the devil rays should have departed for new york on friday and should forfeit the game." - joe morgan. they withdrew their request in an attempt to save face when it was clear that mlb wouldn't give them what they wanted. then today they ask for the lights to be turned on during their DAY GAME against the orioles, and then tried to wait for all the lights to warm up and turn on. unfortunately for the yankess in that inning their juvenille attempt to freeze the pitcher failed, and he struck out one looking, one swinging, and one flied out. the ump should be suspended for allowing such a transparent attempt to affect the game occur under his watch.


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