Stupid woman

posted 02/25/2002 11:02:00 by joe flesch-kincaid: 67, grade level: 7 commentscomments(0) linklink
Stupid Woman (as if theres another kind. :P) looks to sue Nintendo because her 30 year old son died from what seems to be an epileptic seizure. What the hell is this woman thinking? Her son had repeated seizures, and when one finally made him hit his head and die now she decides its worth suing. Thats touching. Maybe she should have read the warnings and torn the f-ing controller away from her son instead of waiting to waste her own, as well as nintendo's and the State of Louisiana's money on a trial. I'm sure the state could put its money to better uses - like teaching people how to read. And I want to see the new Zelda game within the next 10 years please. Arg i hate stupid people.


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