nbc sports pulls a heidi

posted 05/21/2007 18:31:45 by matt flesch-kincaid: 38, grade level: 15 commentscomments(0) linklink
my angry email to nbc sports about pulling a "heidi" by cutting away from the series deciding overtime hockey game this weekend to show the 1 hour and 20 minute pre-show for the preakness: (they even called them out on sportscenter: espn 1, nbc sports 0)
I was shocked to see that you would cut away from sudden death, overtime, series ending overtime to start your absurdly over-hyped, drawn out, incredible overkill of one hour and 5 minute pre-show for a 2 minute race. Certainly people watch the race, which even as I write this is still 20 minutes away, but how incredibly overinflated are your egos that you think that what America wants to watch is your 1 hour of boring, stuffy commentators talking about the condition of dirt, and how horses are "feeling" rather than the deciding game in one of the most exciting sports in North America. Not only the deciding game, but the sudden death overtime period of that game, where Buffalo had to win or their season was over. Since you were hopefully watching your own programming this afternoon, Ottawa won, and therefore is in their first Stanley Cup Final ever. How many of your commentators are reaching the pinnacle of their careers this Saturday afternoon? How many of the horses running today can claim that they've invigorated their city, captivated their fans? How many people will be talking about the Preakness over the next 2 weeks, compared to talking about the Stanley Cup Finals? How many people will still be talking about freaking Barbaro (by the way, a touching tribute, good thing you found the time to reschedule it) in 4 years, compared to how many will be talking about Crosby, Ovechkin, Malkin, and the Staal brothers? Pushing your coverage to VS doesn't absolve what you did, a lot of people that receive NBC don't get VS and in fact, I'd bet that horse racing "fans" are decidedly wealthier than hockey fans, and therefore maybe next year you should push your pre-show to VS, and let the live coverage of the actual "SPORT" stay on NBC. I hope the NHL moves to another network, you've proven you have no business being the national face of the NHL. Good luck riding your horses into the sunset.

Here's a little hint, what are 20-30 year old males interested in? Not pasty white guys talking about dirt. Not horses running in circles. Their interested in hitting, goal scoring, great saves, and the energy that playoff hockey brings. Not that I was watching your coverage of todays game, I was busy watching lacrosse on FSNY, all those ad dollars down the drain for you I suppose. Next time you have an hour to blow, instead of a tribute to Barbaro "a nations horse" or some guy talking about how wet some dirt is, maybe you should spend it on another sport that rich 18-24 males like to watch, lacrosse. After disrespecting one of my favorite sports, I'll personally be making a point of never buying something advertised during your programming. Hopefully NBC sports won't ever carry lacrosse games though, I'd hate to have the coverage cut away to the pre-show for a synchronized fishing event at a season changing moment in the game.

While I'd be amazed if any of you bothered to respond, I'd love to hear your reasoning for the decision. I may not be a powerful network executive, but I can tell you for sure if I was, I wouldn't make the same mistake you did.


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