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George Bush will be judged by history
Why Honda doesn't need a bailout
Politics and maps make me laugh
They're only Economists, what do they know about .... the Economy?
McCain, Palin 08: A vote for us is a vote for lies, corruption, and the general downfall of America
New Rules, Free Levi
What a beautiful sound
Apparently being bad at your job isn't enough for people like George Bush
No wonder they don't mind when voting machines can't be trusted
maybe his e-file tax return is just stuck in a clogged tube somewhere...
what are we waiting for? impeach the idiot already
despite what google says i still consider george w. bush a miserable failure
video of the net neutrality commercial
net neutrality commercial flat out lies
jon stewart on senator stevens on the internets
it's like the civil war, but tastier
single funniest thing i've seen in a long time, possibly ever
i couldn't add anything to this pic...
the onion 4 bazillion, cheney 0, rice -1
when life gives you lemons, make t-shirts
cheney's got a gun
now that's my kinda tax
al gore 1, george w. bush 0
i don't know what cnn was watching...
get off my tv you douchebag...
they don't even pretend to not be killing off freedom of the press
who's laughing now...
i couldn't make this up if i tried.
your tax dollars at work..
they should have held a fund raiser
i'm not a racist
this guy is awesome
liberal media got you down? just buy them off..
a rather amusing poster
just more reasons to hate the fcc and the human race...
that's just not right...
oh canada, part deux + 1...
oh canada, part deux...
ooooohhhhh canada
republican's how to on oppressing blacks getting bush elected...
dear senator dayton,
go packers...
election time, when the bs grows more transparent by the day
florida as a smoking hole in the ground...
remember when the fact you went to college meant you had some amount of intelligence?
good to see his written language is on the level of his speaking
election 2004
politics update...
so syria's a real country...really???
al qaeda 1, spain 0
we need more of this...