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Sarah Palin Biography the Tickle Me Elmo of 2010?
At least Dilbert still has hope
Natural selection always seems to catch up with the human race
Bill McCreary is an idiot
Little known NHL rules
The Onion has apparently been scooped by Reuters
Yes, someone must have actually done this before
30 percent of American adults think George Bush is a good President, but apparently they're the smart ones
In case of emergency, Geraldo Rivera's mustache is a FAA approved floatation device
I thought I had too much free time...
The Daily News and New York Post are in fact, Tabloids, and might I add, Trash
When food and toys collide
I'd pay to see this guy's reaction
maybe we should educate the educators
bill maher is a genius
how stupid is the average human being....
nbc sports pulls a heidi
i may just retire now
all the news that's fit to print, and all the whiny crackhead bullshit that isn't
why didn't i think of this...
parents television council, i hope your children read the shit i'm writing
muslims campagining to represent all that is sane and normal....
just more reasons to hate the fcc and the human race...
if this is about you, just pack it in now...
highly educated young adults need...crossing guards?!?!?
remember when the fact you went to college meant you had some amount of intelligence?
so lets recap...
good to see his written language is on the level of his speaking
movie industry's pain...
so syria's a real country...really???
michael newdow you are the weakest link....goodbye
stupid people write stupid letters
Stupid woman